La Reflexion Interdite.

A hommage to Magritte’s painting “La Reproduction Interdite”.
Like René Magritte, I am a big fan of Poe’s novel “the narrative of arthur gordon pym of nantucket”.
The painting depicts a man standing in front of a mirror, but whereas the book on the mantelpiece is reflected correctly, the man's reflection also shows him from behind.
With this pictural disposition, Magritte wanted to show that the act of painting is not a mirror that reproduces the appearances of the reality but a mirror that produces everything he wants, everything the imagination of the painter can produce.

Why did I made “La Reflexion Interdite”:
Since the advent of computer science and “artificial intelligence”, man has been technically and theoretically able to build machines capable of simulating “Intelligence”.
But which intelligence are we talking about? Behind this intelligence lies another question: Can an Artificial Intelligence create a consciousness... In 1950 Allan Turing imagined a test (Turing test) to find out if a machine could imitate a human conversation.
Is Imitation reality? can “Artificial Intelligence” imagine the world?