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My name is Emmanuel Polanco.
I am an author and an illustrator born in Paris, France and currently living and working in Sweden.
My illustrator career began after my studies in 2001, by practicing collage, painting and drawing.
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Represented by:

Colagene Paris , in France
Colagene Creative Clinic in North America
Sepia Agency in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


The New Yorker, Apple, The New York Times, Westphalian State Museum of Art and Cultural History, Le 1 Hebdo, Le 1 des Libraires, Légende Magazine, Bastille Magazine, L’École des Loisirs, Penguin Random House publishing, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Gallimard éditions (NRF), 10/18 éditions, Harper Collins Editions, Trut Publishing (SE), The Atlantic, Liberal magazin (DE), Les Echos Week-end, ProPublica, GQ Germany, GQ France, Forbes, Newsweek, M le magazine du Monde, MIT Technology Review, Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, The Economist, Wired, Gallmeister, L’Express, Broadview, “O” Oprah magazine, Texas Monthly, Steppenwolf Theater, Ogilvy Chicago, Oh-So magazine,, Nathan éditions, Författaren tidning, Beaux Arts magazine, Gear patrol magazine, Specialpedagogik tidning, Chef och Ledarskap tidning, BBC science focus, Outside, Le Parisien Week End, Techonomy, Theater an der Wien, D la Repubblica, Foreign Policy, Eight by Eight, L'Obs, Nautilus Magazine, Les Inrockuptibles magazine, Philosophie magazin (DE), Reuters, Philosophie magazine (FR), Monocle Magazine…

Picture books:

Recettes pour mes enfants, Bruno Verjus, Emmanuel Polanco, Éditions Alternatives, 2015.
Les Animaux dans la nuit, Emmanuel Polanco, Gallimard Jeunesse Giboulées, 2014.
Petite Alice aux Merveilles (The Nursery Alice), Lewis Carroll traduction by Florence Delaporte, Illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco, Gallimard Jeunesse Giboulées, 2013.
L'enfant et la nuit, Olivier Balazuc, Emmanuel Polanco, Gallimard Jeunesse Giboulées, 2011.
Les Animaux dans la neige, Emmanuel Polanco, Gallimard Jeunesse Giboulées, 2009.



Musée 16, Diorama of an Art Exhibition no. 4, Los Angeles, US.
Ship of fools, exhibition in the Hague, Netherland.
Strukt #3, exhibition in Vienna. Austria.
Strukt #1, exhibition in Vienna, Austria.